Rebecca Trujillo Vest aka Osmunda Music is a musical artist, spiritual writer, and community leader. 

Her spiritual music and peaceful meditations aim to help people journey towards empathy & clarity. Guided by love & mindfulness, Rebecca teaches through guided meditations, healing music, and songs. Drawing inspiration from life, she sends positive messages to the universe.

As a young girl, she began singing and playing guitar in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Rebecca found private moments shared with her guitar, a nurturing experience she describes as similar to a mother’s love. She eventually moved to Los Angeles and has traveled the world extensively.

Drawing inspiration from life, love & all things beautiful, she weaves sublime melodies into her high vibrational lyrics and sends positive messages to the universe.

“Live from the heart”


Rebecca along with her husband Michael Vest, started the band Space Babies. They recruited John X Volaitis to help produce their studio albums & kidnapped Farmer Dave Scher to join them, including Space Babies (2009), Spaceport (2018) and The Space Babies Show: A Song in a Day (2018) & numerous singles. She starred in Earthstar Continuum, a sci-fi/comedy/musical web series. She also starred in Monkey Flower, a sci-fi/comedy set in Venice beach. She also appears as a guest vocalist on “Earth Water Air Fire – Chants to Inspire Devotional Singing”.

In 2010, they opened Earthstar Creation Center, a wonderful recording studio in Venice, Ca. Together they have co-produced many projects from this magical, creative space. Rebecca is also the board chairwoman & executive music producer for the Mar Vista Art Walk.