“woman is me” lyric video

I am happy and excited to share with you the first single from my upcoming “Take My Hand” album.

Since the cosmos aligned my first release date with Women’s History Month, it seemed like a perfect idea for Osmunda Music to start with my song “Woman is Me”.

I wanted to write a song about what it feels like to be a woman in today’s age.
We should be able to feel like who we are as women and still feel and be powerful.
I tried to find a way to express that in my lyrics & go deeper into the celebration part of being female & how awesome women are.

We are all both teacher and student.

It’s okay to be multifaceted and transcend boundaries, binaries and limitations.

“woman is me” lyric video

I cowrote this with the song’s producer and composer Randall Thorderson and this is our 4th song together. He’s a super talented Oregonian and musican. Always so easy and fun to collaborate with him.

Thank you to Alejandro Speranza & John X Volaitis for help on vocal production.
Thank you to Steve Quadrini at ADM Studio ADM Mastering
Thank You, Eric Johnson for album art.

Lyric video by John X Volaitis