“Love is here for all of us”

my initial inspiration for “sending my love” came at the beginning of the “stay at home” lockdown. I immediately knew that one thing that I could do to help the world during this crisis was to send messages of love & positivity to the world. I created one per week & offered them as free downloads on SoundCloud. As a result of being created very quickly, the songs are all minimal & fresh.

“the intention is to create inspiration, relaxation, and optimism”

by creating “sending my love”, i hoped to establish a space to help myself and others relax and embrace a loving atmosphere; to aid in various spiritual practices such as healing, yoga & meditation (guided or solo), which can also be helpful in therapeutic purposes to enhance spiritual growth; to help the healing of our planet, mother earth… inspiring ecological consciousness that helps celebrate the sacredness of our land, sky, and sea.

i am truly committed to the message of “sending my love”. in this journey, i learned more about myself and this helped me to develop my own strengths while confronting our collective vulnerability. i share these lessons with each of you.

“let’s be loving people
and create a loving world”

“sending my love” was birthed by creating chants of simple, minimal lyrics to build & nurture a caring and loving consciousness. it is not just to relax you; i invite you to engage in the music, to actively join the positive messages. hypnotic & repetitive “angelic” melodies and harmonies help enable anyone to sing along.

These pieces were written and inspired by teachers and spiritual leaders around the planet to help with spiritual growth, to help express healthy values and to offer guidance in shaping our world. Although this music was initially created to help during quarantine, these messages are timeless.

and so, I share them with you.


“we can not live
without the love”

all songs performed by Rebecca Trujillo Vest..

Produced by John X Volaitis & Rebecca Trujillo Vest at Earthstar Creation Center. Mastered by Reuben Cohen at Lurssen Mastering