“when is it right?” (official video) by Osmunda Music

produced by Rebecca Trujillo Vest & John X Volaitis

el. guitar by Michael Vest

written by Rebecca Trujillo Vest, Michael Vest, John X Volaitis

“when is it right?”

when people are suffering, puts an ache in my soul

in a world of all color, the river does flow

and all of the places that sunshine does know

the wave of the brave. the river does flow

and i know, and i know, the river does flow


when is it right

to stand up and fight?


when the world needs the light

when is right?

the future looks bright


when love makes it right.

your words shall release me as poems read out loud

all of the beauty, when kindness does flow

the truth and the wisdom, yeah, as tears go away

all the great places, the river does flow

and so, and so, the river does flow

where i’ll go, where i’ll go, where the river does flow



“The heart. Always the heart, not the head”

Choque Chinchay