“We are Starlight”

by Osmunda Music

performed by Rebecca Trujillo Vest. Produced by Rebecca Trujillo Vest & John X Volaitis

Directed by Ravi Vest

Edited by Michael Vest

Electric guitar by Michael Vest

Additional keys by Farmer Dave Scher

The way To my past

Is prayer And empathy

Cause & effect


Inclusion And history

We are starlight (x2)

The stars  Are inside of us

As we are In the stars

Of your heart

And the song

And the Universe

Is shining

We are starlight (x2)

The ground is space

And the rocks in the sky

We see truth in the moment

Between the sleep and wake

Where we gather The information

From each other..From stories and song

We share the rhythm

Of nature all around

The way to my past Is prayer and empathy

We are starlight (x4)