Osmunda Music Guided Meditation - Breathe Kindness


the second of many guided meditation videos by Osmunda Music.

use this meditation to help increase empathy and guide you to a pure path of compassion for others. be ready to send love & kindness out into the world and to yourself through these times with gratitude and loving kindness.

breathe with me.


welcome to the Osmunda meditation series ⁣⁣

Say YES to your spiritual journey!⁣⁣

join Rebecca Trujillo Vest in a guided meditation to help release stress and anxiety

…⁣to help bring inner peace and positive thoughts by managing stress with grace. ⁣

In a world where stress has become an epidemic, this guided meditation ⁣will help clear the blocks to the presence of peace we all long for

.⁣…to help amplify your heart

⁣…to help to welcome positive energy

⁣…to help you reach your full potential

⁣⁣remember to breathe!